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Bienvenue! Welcome!

Pure Physique Fitness has been in business since September of 2008. 10 years ago starting off as a mobile fitness business, working with other fitness professionals.

My clients loyalty & success is the reason I am achieving my  career goals. My new studio opened in October 2015 and it was an amazing first year. 

I, France Burelle owner and founder of Pure Physique, want my clients to ACHIEVE there goals & BELIEVE in themselves, by helping them surpass there challenges everyday. I am a Personal Trainer with the Gold Standard of Fitness Certification through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.  I am also a certified Group Exercise Leader with the Ontario Fitness Council. I achieved my 200 hours Hatha Yoga certification and specialized in functional movement systems (FMS level 1 & 2) in 2012.  My work experience in corporate health, fitness centres, high school sports programs, mom & baby classes, group fitness bootcamps, senior training, rebounding classes and mobile fitness has given me the chance to grow as a fitness professional & expand my knowledge in many health fields . 

"You can trust that you will have a safely guided personalized fitness program based on your needs and health goals."  

"I motivate you to ACHIEVE a greater SELF AWARENESS in all dimensions of your lifestyle. Using various angle of fitness & nutrition with the intent that it will inspire YOU TO A NEW BEGINNING, NEW LIFESTYLE, A NEW PERCEPTION OF YOUR SELF WORTH."

My exercise programs are meticulously planned & designed to address your specific health and fitness needs. I specialize in functional training, postural correction and core strength to improve form, performance and functionality in the day to day activities. 

I take the time to understand each client's lifestyle, fitness needs & provide positive encouragement and environment to keep my clients motivated and help them enjoy their workouts. 


​​​With a new approach to fitness, I build on the strength and power of the Core. “If you have a Strong Center of Gravity to support your body, your body moves and performs to its best capabilities.” France Burelle